Nellie, When I went through a major crisis in my life, you were invaluable to me. Your understanding, support, and trust in me, gave me the strength that I needed to move forward and believe in my ability, and in my self.

This woman -- this woman -- we just LOVE this woman! I first saw Nellie at the Celebration Center in Virginia. Years later I became a minister and often thought of the influence Nellie had on my life. I invited her to Oklahoma and to my church where she gave numerous workshops, Sunday speaking, and … Continue reading

Nellie is an inspired and gifted teacher. Her daylong course on The Course in Miracles and the Heart Sutra was a wonderful opportunity for me to deepen my understanding of the Course, Budhism and my own classrooms. And when she chants, I am WITH love. Rhonda, Arlington, VA

"Nellie, I have come to you many, many times over the years for counseling and for help of a spiritual nature. The frequency of my visits have now given way to fewer sessions as I have been led to a deeper understanding of myself and my life. You always said that what you did was … Continue reading

When Nellie walked in, I was blown away by her "huge" personality and bold laugh. I knew immediately that she had true joy which only comes from within. I watched her intently that evening as she interacted with the others, spoke to us about her journey to India, and led us in prayer and meditation. … Continue reading

...a spiritual teacher on the leading edge, Nellie ushered me into a new dimension of consciousness.  AB, Annapolis, MD