This is what was birthed this morning - a profound message of Hope, Healing and Love in compassion for all beings without exception A letter for Holy Week and Pesach My Dear Friends My heart is broken and I am filled with grief at the news of the pending circumstances as a result of this … Continue reading HOLY WEEK


Peace is not only still possible, it is our only hope. There are many spiritual warriors among us from all directions and from all places. They are well known and they are hidden. They are women and they are men. They come from all religions and no religion. What they have is a vision of … Continue reading I STILL HAVE A DREAM

with you always

I was feeling a little rough one morning but ventured out to do errands anyway. I was coming into a store I often go to, when the shop keeper said, "You always brighten my day." Seriously? Wow. I was feeling terrible but somehow, this angel saw ME brightening us his day! I took a deep … Continue reading with you always