Rx for comfort and crisis

A prescription for peace and comfort for all beings, without exception. Om shanti shanti shanti om. Take 5 minutes listen to the chant and allow this medicine to bring you comfort we can not be comforted by the world only mesmerized but we can  bring comfort to the world through the peace we find there in … Continue reading Rx for comfort and crisis


This is what was birthed this morning - a profound message of Hope, Healing and Love in compassion for all beings without exception A letter for Holy Week and Pesach My Dear Friends My heart is broken and I am filled with grief at the news of the pending circumstances as a result of this … Continue reading HOLY WEEK

Right where you are

It's amazing what resources you have. Wherever you are, and, wherever you find yourself planted, may you flourish. Your capacity to overcome obstacles is amazing.  And, I believe in you. Look at how far you have come. We need to be reminded and encouraged to persist and to not give up. Walking recently by the bay, … Continue reading Right where you are

The posture of peace

A 12 year old girl brought a loaded gun to a school that went off accidentally and hits other children.  12 years old.  We won't count all the school shootings now. We won't allow ourselves to dissolve into a shouting match of blame and anger.    Let's just be with this for a moment.    Let's … Continue reading The posture of peace