Healing Sessions

I am a healer and therapist and have not only worked for years in traditional therapeutic settings, but have dedicated my life to understanding spiritual truth. Great progress is made when we are ready to apply spiritual teachings and principles to ourselves, addressing the obstacles and fears in our own heart and mind.  The work that I have been facilitating is powerful work and invokes Presence that is available for each of us, always.  It is the path of the Spiritual Warrior. When you are ready to integrate Truth into your  life, there is often a crisis. It is a gift and it can be a grace that helps us make the decision to seek help. This work is for those who are ready. When the student is ready, the master appears. Teachers are instruments and channels who have emptied themselves of their own personality enough that Guidance moves through them. It is humbling, it is healing and it is a privilege that I am most grateful to extend.

Individual sessions are often facilitated on the phone. I will meditate and quiet my mind about a half hour before each session and usually begin the session reviewing impressions that arise and that help define the issue that precipitates the call for help. The work goes to the core of your personality and it is not only powerful, it is very compassionate and healing. This work facilitates addressing an obstacle that is usually habitual while providing a way in which you can untie the knot that binds you. Tapping into your own wisdom, you can hear the Voice within you helping you bring insight and wisdom to your life. That is what I do. I help you find love through reconciliation of fear.

Where two or more of us are gathered together, so shall the One also be with us, guiding us. I am constantly humbled by the Help and the accuracy in this work that reminds me that Compassion is always with us. These sessions are a way in which you can see how to be in the world and not of the world; how to be in a situation that is painful and not OF it, that you find a way to extricate yourself from what binds you to pain, negative thoughts and patterns.

If you are ready, I am here for you.  Sessions are $100.

Group sessions and retreats are vehicles for the cultivation of community and these workshops and gatherings include contemplation, meditation and chanting as well as specific teachings concerning many areas of spiritual teachings. Using the guidance we have through the great teachings and rich traditions, I have an ability to make difficult concepts simple. This is because I have not only been graced with great teachers, but needed to understand the path to liberation in a simple way for my own well being.

I believe it is time to heal ourselves individually and in groups. It is time to dedicate ourselves to peace. It is time to take the pilgrimage from the head to the heart and to bring Joy to ourselves and to all others, without exception.

For more information, contact me at nellie.lauth@gmail.com

My work is not intended as a substitute for necessary medical, psychiatric or other psychological services.