Buddhist Footprints in a Christian Heart or Holy Crap! Waking Up in India, by Nellie Lauth, MSW, is available on Amazon, Booklocker and Barnes and Noble. It is a synopsis of her first stay at Samtenling Monastery in Northern India, a Buddhist convent, where she lived for 8 months, teaching English. It is a simple and honest look at one individual’s determination to find love and peace in the middle of her own heart. And it is an inspirational story of one woman’s determination to find peace in her own heart by addressing the obstacles to that awareness. It’s moving, honest and funny; like the author.

Front Cover
Buddhist Footprints in a Christian Heart is a profound account of one seeker’s persistent search to know what Jesus knew and to follow his footsteps as well as those of the Buddha. It describes the path of all mystics and is a compassionate guide for any spiritual pilgrim who longs to awaken. It is a voice that calls you, too, to join this courageous journey from the head to the heart.