something to sing about

It may seem as if there is nothing to sing about. That we are being bombarded by outside forces and circumstances that lay us low. But, we have a recourse. We can seek out ways to lift our spirits for ourselves and for others. This intention changes everything. Our actions become healing. Our lives becomes … Continue reading something to sing about

Thank you Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM

I bow to you, Father Richard Rohr, in gratitude and with love. Today I found refuge in your teaching and message while the world outside of my sanctuary seems to be burning in anger and violence. I share this with others, bowing to each of you. Now more than ever, may we live our lives … Continue reading Thank you Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM

David’s Gift

Today it is my friend's birthday and this is my gift to him! He has always been someone who looks for ways to give and to serve others and during this pandemic, he found a way that touches everyone who walks, skates, or drives by his small garage.¬† David created a free neighborhood pantry that … Continue reading David’s Gift

Pandemic of Grace   May you be happy and at peace May you have mental well being May you find in the midst of the storm a calm and abiding stillness At Nellie Lauth Amazon Peace Friends¬† Now and always