CONTACT NELLIE  – nellie.lauth@gmail.com to schedule session and for further inquiries regarding scheduling groups, retreats, workshops and speaking engagements.

Nellie Lauth, MSW, is a powerful, and dynamic speaker, a therapist and healer, as well as  an author and writer.  She has been facilitating groups and retreats for many years, integrating the great teachings of all traditions. Her own personal and spiritual pilgrimage has taken her from her Christian spiritual roots and love for the teachings of forgiveness and mercy to a monastery in India, where she was able to deepen her practice of Buddhist teachings of compassion and wisdom. She brings these teachings as well as many other disciplines into her work to support others in their own interior pilgrimage; from the head to the heart.

She is available for individual and group work, including intuitive sessions by phone and can be contacted at nellie.lauth@gmail.com.