David’s Gift

Today it is my friend’s birthday and this is my gift to him!

He has always been someone who looks for ways to give and to serve others and during this pandemic, he found a way that touches everyone who walks, skates, or drives by his small garage. 

David created a free neighborhood pantry that he stocks daily. Out of his garage. During this pandemic, he found a way to give and to demonstrate compassion and kindness.

Going to the grocery almost everyday, he is greeted while he greets all those who are working on those front lines. He is a one man giving machine and it is an inspiration to me. And, I hope to you.

I remember a time when he received a check for property he sold and after Mass that Sunday where he sings in a choir, we walked around DC as I watched him giving out money to the homeless. Just because he can. He believes in giving while living very simply He asks nothing in return. Giving without attachment to any outcome! This is what giving really means.

This pantry is well received and I have seen people stop and take pictures. They bring items to share. They take what they need. And in the middle of this, isn’t just a garage door that is open. There is a heart that is open and inviting us all in.

David’s heart is David’s gift. That is what this pantry represents. It is also a gift to all of us to remind us that we can all find a way to give, to love and to serve especially during a time of such fear. We can be in the midst of this and offer comfort, solace and yes, even food.

Happy birthday my friend. Thank you for being a gift in my life. Thank you from all of us who know you and those who read this and feel the gift of giving from you that opens their hearts.

IMG_5511 (2)

5 thoughts on “David’s Gift

  1. What a beautiful tribute to a super nice fellow, and my cousin. So thrilled to hear of all the generous and compassionate works he has done. He carries on our family’s Christian traditions. Happy birthday, Dave. Keep up spreading the Good Word. Love you, Fae


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