This is from my morning contemplation – my heart pierced with compassion for all beings on this planet at this time.

May the Spirit of Love and Light

Descend and illuminate my heart.

May fear be dissolved in an Ocean of Calm

And may concerns be dissolved in a state of Grace.

May this Light and Love

Then pour forth filling all aspects of my body, speech and mind,

And then, may this body

Become a beacon and an instrument that pours

Light and Love out into the world.

May it bless, comfort  and release those who have died in this pandemic. 

May it bless, comfort and heal loved ones of those who have passed.

May it bless, comfort and heal all caregivers.

May all beings everywhere, find comfort, peace and healing 

And may they remember through this great challenge

That we are One – 

One planet –

One communion of all beings, without exception,

Human, animal and all creatures .

May all be released of all negative affects and find within their hearts

The Great Peace.

May Light and Love be realized and remembered

Now and always.



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