Today I am thinking of the week ahead with all of the chaos that can be and is often associated with the holidays. And, I am making a decision about what I want to bring to the table. Besides the stuffing, I want to bring my own best self. And as I contemplate this, it brings to my mind, communion. That I am not just joining with those at the table I share, but in my heart, I am having communion with all other beings, without exception.

This is my own best self.

The one who remembers that we are all sharing at one table. This is the nature of loving kindness, compassion, and joy. It is the nature of equanimity. When I am totally present it is to all those in front of me and to all others. Love is the medium and the context. Thinking of this, I settle into my own self while feeling a sense of something vast.

Imagine that wherever you are this week and Thursday, you can also BE with all others, sharing in a communion of joyful gratitude.

So, my friends. I wish this for you and as I do so, I am remembering my own best self. Let’s bring that to the table. The best that we are.

Let us feast on joyful gratitude for our precious human birth and for the practice of simply loving one another. Let our table reflect the intention that we are joined with all other beings and break our hearts open in a celebration of our capacity to love.

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