Smile Practice

 “ Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” – Mother Teresa.

This has been my practice lately.  Smiling.  Just that. I have reasons to frown! Who doesn’t? But who needs it! So, I sit and when I meditate or listen to a chant, I breathe deeply and bring that sense of calm and well being back to my mind – and then – just smile. It works!

big-smileIt really helps and soothes the Soul. Imagine what it does to others to bring a smile to their faces?  When I meet others with joy and laughter, I forget me anyway and that’s the deeper practice. This little ego self is emptied for that moment and the love in the Heart – that is always there – it flows out and we become mirrors of light for those we are meant to be with!

Just smile.  And, as you do, breathe. 

Now, go out. And, bring it!

That’s my plan today as I move through my tasks and meetings and greetings. I’ll bring mine and you bring yours and together we’ll be joined in this simple practice.





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