Because I pray

I just finished a book today and decided that I wanted a Denny’s breakfast. I didn’t really set out to go there, but on Riva Road, there it was and I made that turn into the parking lot not knowing what to expect. It’d been years since I had been there.

This morning, writing this last section of the book, there was an intense hope that those who read it will be encouraged to develop their own spiritual practice, practicing compassion, mercy, reconciliation and love. My own path has taken me to many teachers of many traditions all bringing us to the same place.

Reminding us that we are One People. One Family. On this One Planet. When we remember how much our concern for the well being for others is the way to peace, we will find peace. 

I love the quote from Jimi Hendrix which I have used many times but it is good to remember it here:

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

So I was feeling good about this book and set out for a good breakfast, when this angel showed up. She was in such high spirits and nothing seems to bother her. I noticed it right away and asked her, “What do you attribute this to?” and she answered without hesitation,

“Because I pray!”

So, let’s pray for peace. First and foremost. And, from our prayers, let us act in peace. Let us pray for love. And, from our prayers act from love. Let us prayer for tolerance, and from our prayers, be tolerant.

It is what we do best and I am thankful for this reminder today and everyday.

May your prayers be answered and may you find peace today, and always.



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