above and beyond

This past weekend I had the privilege of facilitating a workshop on Joy in Jacksonville with old and new friends. It was so amazing to contemplate Joy that arises when we become still and remember the Truth about who we are. The truth of I Am. The truth of compassion and wisdom. Then, any action becomes healing.  Really, it continues to resonate, this spacious joyful mind and heart.

I flew back yesterday and I was again, confronted with the awareness that one joyful human being can really impact others. Let me tell you about Will.


He’s a flight attendant with Delta. I had to reschedule a flight as the initial leg was delayed and I would have missed the connection to BWI, and I went ahead and upgraded to First Class. Anyone who knows me, knows that this, in itself, is a miracle! And, it was wonderful. That is how I met this man who embodied such kindness and a spirit of service. He is an ambassador of Joy. Another flight attendant totally agreed with me.

I listened and watched him. Each interaction was a consistent demonstration of happiness. Each individual as important as the next. I was looking out of the window and watching so many others working hard to support our flight. Crew on the tarmac pitching bags and luggage. Holding light sabers like Jedi’s guiding aircraft to the jetway or to the runway. Our gate agent (Marina, I believe at Gate B2 ATL , Flight 2103. She boarded a full flight with many needing assistance and she worked diligently in getting us safely and in a timely fashion onto our plane, and she was nice as all getout!

Look, this isn’t about Delta. It is about us. It is about the way in which we can change the whole atmosphere with a smile that is sincere and with actions that extend our kindness. It is about an individual who represented so many others who work hard every day but are invisible but who are necessary to get us from point A to B. It is about an angel, Will, who inspired me to write this.

These are not easy times and the amount of frustration we feel and the anger and outrage being expressed moment to moment is not only exhausting. It is demeaning to our humanity. Flying can be a nightmare! And then, there are those who right in the midst of that chaos just serve.

This is about the power each of us has to make a difference.  Humanity seems to be losing its way sometimes and our moral compass seems to be so far off that we may be lowering the bar on our capacity to heal, to love and to hold each other with sincere compassion. We are really destined to great things but it is dependent on our conscious decision to bring something to others, to represent others, from that greater consciousness and awareness.

And, this might be as simple as the way we bend over and ask, “Can I get you anything?” and in that moment, someone sigh and feel cared for.

Never underestimate the power of your actions when motivated by such kindness. It is the power of JOY to elevate us all. Will, you went above and beyond and you represent not just your airline, but the heights we can each reach when we reach out with love.

7 thoughts on “above and beyond

  1. Thank you so much, your blog is the pure essence of truth. Many learn this, but, throughout the day – forgets. To embrace each precious moment with love, kindness and a smile uplifts not only ourselves but all those we encounter on our journey. You never know who is in need of your Blessing to share from our hearts. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Here’s another airport/ kindness story- we were in the Christchurch New Zealand airport to connect with a flight to Hokitika (where we are now). Our flight was cancelled due to weather and instead we had to get our luggage and wait for a bus . Diane and I had 2 suitcases, two backpacks and I had an additional carry-on fabric bag. The woman standing next to us insisted that we it our luggage on her cart! Wouldn’t even let us push! So nice! And really helped!
    Then we finally got to our Bus sop- 4 hours later.and everyone else had a ride Rhône but us- it was raining! The bus driver drove us home!! (Off to Christchurch by train tomorrow. Home in a week
    Much love

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