As complete as His name


I have been in retreat. First in an ashram this summer and now, in this simple cave, this basement apartment, quiet and serene, on this winter day. The snow falling creates a blanket that muffles sound as a meditation muffles the distracting thoughts that constantly demand our attention and that distract us from our hearts.

Quiet is a gift that I cherish. This Quiet – it is the ground of Love. The Silent Witness. It is the space that hold us all. And, the Source of our happiness. We are all seeking that, aren’t we? The wish to be happy.  And, of course, we seek Love.

In Quiet I find myself home again. On this winter day, snow quietly and constantly falling, I find myself falling, too; in Love. With you. 

I believe that Love is all-encompassing or it is nothing at all. This all encompassing nature of mind is what one returns to in this quiet Silence.  What arises is my wish to extend this to you. 

In Silence we find the Self. In Silence we remember. In Silence are we fulfilled. It is hard to believe when there is so much noise and talking and opinions and anger that constantly demand our attention.

Check out for a day! Call in well! Don’t worry – the world will still revolve around it’s axis. Finding Quiet, you will not be abandoning your life. Becoming still doesn’t mean you’re missing anything! The noise will be there. The activities you need to perform. Your opinions and decisions and activities – you’ll still get to it all. Yet, with this stillness, awareness arises of your true nature of mind – the nature of your heart and capacity to love.  That will change your motivation and the actions you take will come from a new motivation!

To do no harm. To bring happiness – to love. That is our real hope, isn’t it? To be happy and at peace. To love and to be loved.

To have this we take a few moments and sighing, bring our mind back into this Stillness.

On this cold, quiet winter day, this, again, is my wish for you. That you be happy and free from suffering. I wish this as well, for all beings, without exception.

Fall in love again. And, again. And, again. With each breath.

Don’t be afraid of Silence. Embrace It. It is your own Self embracing you.

I leave you with this exquisite poem by Rabia, found in Daniel Ladinsky’s Love Poems from God.

Love is the perfect stillness

and the greatest excitement,

and the most profound act,

and the word almost

as complete as His name. 




2 thoughts on “As complete as His name

  1. Lovely, Nellie! “Don’t be afraid of Silence. Embrace It. It is your own Self embracing you.” I have been seeking quiet and stillness and silence since the passing of my husband…and these words truly resonate. I’m reconnecting with Self. Thank you for being this wayshower of quiet in such a noisy time.


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