there are people in the world that only know joy

they can only smile and bring joy for that is their nature

they are also recognized for their incredible self-effacing humility

this is one of them; Charlie

I have had the privilege of meeting him and I wrote about him back in May when he took it upon himself to transform a mountain runoff into a meditation garden of stone, water, light and lichen

Charlie reminds us that the gift of joy that we all crave cannot be bought and then wrapped up and given under a tree

joy is what holds all of us and all our wishes and our deepest intention to be loving human beings and in this season what else is there to remember

don’t get fooled and caught up in the rush of buying but contemplate giving – true giving and receiving – and promise yourself to first BE joyful

joyful joyful we adore Thee – this isn’t something we sing only to One Person but to each other

to all beings, without exception

may this season be joyful and may you celebrate your great and joyful heart and the Birth of Love again



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