In Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is here!  A time to overindulge and to meet with old friends and family. You know; a time to stress out and relive those embarrassing moments that your family reminds you of!!  But, really. It is a mixed bag for most of us. And, sometimes, what comes to the table is self consciousness and even the unconscious – as we might not be really aware of all that is triggered and that underlies holidays.
Let’s say goodbye to all that.
Let’s take a moment to choose how we want to be this holiday by taking this moment to just BE.
Right now, as you are – breathe and let go-  and regroup in your heart and mind.
I am as I am!  This is who I am and doing the best I can, I fully appreciate myself and let everyone off the hook!  
No one else can make you feel good or even bad – let’s let that all go.
Let’s choose not what Thanksgiving brings TO us, but what we want to bring to Thanksgiving. What do you want to BRING TO YOUR THANKSGIVING TABLE?
Bring peace and joy. Bring acceptance. Bring a sense of loving kindness.
You can do this by first bringing it to yourself.
Be still….. and know…..
you are not only good enough,
you are MORE than enough.
May this holiday be healing, hopeful, fun and joyful. May you bring your own true self and resting in that, be happy and free –
in peace
in all ways
and always

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