Have you had enough yet?

It’s not necessarily what is happening to you or around you that is bothering you. It is your interpretation of what is happening that leads you to believe you are undeserving and have to pay your dues – more dues –  in this seemingly never-ending cycle of proving your self worth.  When do you remember that you are enough as you are? That you can ask for what you need and receive it? That perhaps you already have all you need as you sigh, let go, and drop your arms again, in surrender.

This isn’t about having or getting.  This is about the perceptions we have about ourselves that slowly erode our confidence and our joy.

When is enough, enough? When do we admit I AM ENOUGH AS I AM.


Not believing ourselves to BE enough we go out and seek to fill the empty space. Finding out how you do this can be the beginning of great healing. Witnessing, watching and seeing how you are trying so hard to prove yourself you might have the chance to finally acknowledge that as you are, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

And, sometimes, it takes a lot of anger to say I’m done. I’ve done enough to prove I am worthy. Enough. I don’t have to be so perfect or prove to myself, to God, or to anyone else, that I have a right to be happy and to be free. 


You may feel exhausted from trying so hard and putting so much effort into being good enough, rich enough, beautiful enough, or healthy enough when the Self that you are, is, by definition, that which is most holy, sacred and complete.

Within each of us is that spark of the Divine that is our own true Self and true nature. When do we finally stop looking “out there” and turn inward? Often when we have had enough! When our frustration finally peaks and we give up.

We surrender. 


The struggles you may be experiencing are not because you aren’t getting “it.” The struggle is a conscious practice of extracting from the mind the thoughts that are self-defeating, mean and cruel to anyone or to ourselves. We are now witnessing what was hidden and as it is lifted out of us, we see it and re-experience that same anger and frustration not because it is never-ending, but because we must consciously see what we are making up based on our unconscious thoughts. As these thoughts become conscious, we look and recognize the impact they have and see the outcome of hoarding unkind beliefs and perceptions. And, we say “Enough.”

We return to the Original Thought, the Self, the Truth within us.

We return to the Remembrance that coming from Perfection there is Something Perfect within me, In me, As Me.

As I am, am I enough. 

We come to that remembrance and we can rest again. 

Go out into the field of your own perfect self and rest. Cultivate the awareness of what is enough and what that means for you. Be in That Awareness, claiming Joy and Peace again. Isn’t that enough?

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