Looking closely at the red letters at the bottom of the message board at Naval Bagels in Annapolis this morning, I found the message was for me!  It reads, “A VERY BITTERSWEET GOOD LOVE TO OUR FRIEND NELLIE. WE LOVE YOU AND WILL MISS YOU. HAVE A SAFE AND AMAZING JOURNEY.  I was so moved and grateful for the friends who are like family to me and who I have shared so much just being a regular almost every day. They work there and they come in for breakfast! They are my sweethearts. Thanks to Brice for writing this message and for texting me to come in for my final goodbye and thanks to all of you who welcomed me every day into your lives, not only at Naval Bagels, but in Annapolis, in my work and through this blog and in my life!  I am so grateful I need to write a thousand messages but instead, I’ll send this one!

You won’t be hearing from me for awhile. I will be out of reach of cell towers and WiFi and will have most of the summer to contemplate and meditate.  

So, I wish you peace, my friends.

I wish for you happiness and the causes of happiness.

I wish for you a path to your heart. May it unfold, that you find love and contentment within yourself. 

I wish you respite and calm.

I wish you a quiet mind to hear the whisper of Love.

And, as ever, may you never give up or lose hope in kindness, gentleness, compassion and peace. 

Be well and love always

and in all ways.

Until we meet again!

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