Transformation and Friendship


This little waterfall is a sanctuary in a corner of a friend’s property where mountain runoff was transformed into a peaceful sanctuary.  During a visit, I was walking around a corner of their land, when I found this sweet place and was astonished.  Created by someone who works for them, Charly transformed a muddy old stretch of land into this space of light, sound, rock and water. 

Using stone and steps and logs, this babbling little waterfall sparkles and invites anyone close by to stop and pause and listen. I wish my photo could capture this magical place. His transformation is a metaphor for my own recent healing.

I have a muddy runoff in my mind.  Over the past few months, it became impassable as I found myself falling into a terrible space of pain and judgement.  I felt overwhelmed by feelings of failure and grief and what transformed this darkness was simply this – friendship. The company of friends who support and love me unconditionally. I found myself in the middle of a small and loving  group  of people who have known me a long time, but for the first time, I really believed I was loved by them. Deeply loved and supported. It was astonishing. It was like coming across this beautiful little sanctuary and it transformed my mind and heart.

It is the sanctuary of friendship.

My deepest and closest friends have come and sat with me and in their loving kindness and comfort, stone by stone, thought by thought, transformed pain into comfort and darkness into light. They helped me transform judgement into acceptance and resistance into surrender. They helped me be in love. That is true friendship and the True Friend. The Lover and the Beloved. A sanctuary of becoming and of love.

I write this to these friends who walked with me through this passage, and who listened to me and by their presence, healed me. My deepest thanks to you, Karen, and David; Rhonda and Pat; Becky, Nancy and Colleen. And, to many more who hold me in their hearts. I am holding my hands prayerfully in Namaskar.

May you find a sanctuary of peace wherever you are and a respite that whispers of how much you are loved and cherished. 

May you risk being vulnerable and may you find your companions by your side and with you now, and always. As, I am. So – for all my friends – thank you. 

Be a lamp, a lifeboat, a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd.   Rumi

4 thoughts on “Transformation and Friendship

  1. This is beautiful and I’m grateful you have a supportive group close by. What a blessing. That runoff in the mind is a place I know well myself.

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Much love and hugs. We miss you!


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