with you always

I was feeling a little rough one morning but ventured out to do errands anyway. I was coming into a store I often go to, when the shop keeper said, “You always brighten my day.” Seriously? Wow. I was feeling terrible but somehow, this angel saw ME brightening us his day!

I took a deep breath and I immediately felt humbled by the realization that compassion shown through the clouds of my self-doubt and still brought a light of comfort to my friend and to me.

Compassion that day reminded me that it is always there. Even when I think I have failed to cultivate it, it is still with me. It is with us all. It can shine through us and through this darkness, even now.  Even in this dark age, let us rededicate this moment to having a kind and gentle heart and don’t sweat the rest. Compassion will shine through. It always does. That is its nature. That is your own true nature. I hope you see it today in someone else as a reflection of your own light.

4 thoughts on “with you always

  1. Thank you for remembering the light and love and eternal compassion in us all. Sometimes we forget and the gentle reminders are angels themselves. I loved reading this story. Namaste love ❤️


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