The posture of peace

A 12 year old girl brought a loaded gun to a school that went off accidentally and hits other children. 
12 years old. 
We won’t count all the school shootings now. We won’t allow ourselves to dissolve into a shouting match of blame and anger. monk-hands-faith-person-45178.jpeg
Let’s just be with this for a moment. 
Let’s just breathe with this a moment.
Let’s just sigh and release the breath we hold in disbelief.  12 years old. 
I am so deeply saddened.  I am so deeply struck by the insanity we are living in and the peeling away of layers that reveal the ugliness of anger, hatred, violence, attack and fear. These are the times we live in my friends. This is the Kali Yuga, or the “dark age.” An age of degeneration of moral ethics. An age of the degeneration of human interaction.
Your only choice is your response. Your only choice is the attitude you choose and the posture you take in response – which is held by your breath. The Breath of Life which is in you, as you.
Pull the spine up and breathe deeply and choose what you will bring to this dark age.
This is what fear does. It takes weapons and uses them to feel strong and powerful when one is actually feeling very weak, threatened and afraid. These weapons then bring horrific fear to others.
Weapons of mass destruction – we were all raised in the shadow of that horrible implication. We hid under our desks to practice for the imminent attack. That is the bar set for our age – but not the bar set by the Buddhas and Christs – the Ones Gone Beyond. The Great Masters who are with us now and always. Who is your inspiration and Teacher? What is Her posture? How did He hold Himself?
That is the posture you want to take.
I know how insane this sounds, what I am writing, but your response will not only change your own mind, but will change the world, if your response comes from compassion.
Few human beings at any given time have access to teachings of forgiveness, reconciliation, compassion, wisdom, love and mercy. Most are grabbing what they can to defend themselves. They do not know there is a choice.
The Ones Gone Beyond are the beings who choose a different way  – like His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He has every reason to hate and to attack and to defend but instead he is the example sitting in the midst of this insanity holding a posture which communicates peace. He is the demonstration of composure, kindness, stillness – compassion.
His Holiness says, 
Compassion and love constitute non-violence in action. They are the source of all spiritual qualities: forgiveness, tolerance, all the virtues. They give meaning to our activities and makes them constructive. There is nothing amazing about being rich or highly educated; only when the individual has a warm heart do these attributes become worthwhile.
I sincerely hope this brings you a moment in which you choose again to follow his footsteps and the footsteps of all those who have walked the way of peace. Jesus clearly taught the same principles. “Love one another as I have loved you. Love your enemies as yourself.” 
Don’t give up on peace.
Don’t give up on hope.
You are the light for those around you.
Take a posture of composure, sitting in the ground of love. That is who you are. If you need to cry, cry. If you are angry, hold that too, with compassion. Then, choose. Make a conscious decision to stay the course. Stay on the path of peace or you will lose your own composure.  
You are alive because you have the same mind His Holiness has and the same capacity he has for peace. You are a Christ. You are Spirit Incarnate and we need you now desperately. This 12 year old girl and those school children and all the children of the world need you, the Divine Mother, to hold them as they cry terrible tears of grief. Do not drown in this ocean of violence. 
Instead, see this world as it is – an Infinite Ocean of Mercy, Compassion, and Love.  You can do this. You are alive to do this. Whatever other purpose you think you have, this is why you are here.  
Thank you for being alive now and for holding the world in your most precious heart.
Thank you for choosing PEACE.  

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