Don’t give up on yourself or your dreams. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else or to what you perceive she/he has that you do not. Don’t do this anymore. Instead, look and see where the light comes through those old wounds built upon false ideas of your brokenness.  You are not broken. You are not unworthy. You are a container of light and although it appears  that it breaks through what was/is broken, it is breaking through the cracks where you have let go of something that no longer serves you.

Trust this process of healing and this unfolding process of becoming.

It is the path of a spiritual warrior.

Hold yourself today with great compassion and patience. Take this moment to sigh deeply and let go – let go of trying too hard to accomplish and to be something to someone. You already are whole by the nature of your sacred holiness. This is a given.

Simply let go today of any thought or idea that conflicts with the truth of you and who you really are. You are meant to be alive now and to carry this message to others by your acceptance of this Light.

Carry yourself today as if you were a priceless gem. Carry yourself with humility, knowing that this awareness is a grace, a gift, and an inheritance. 

Be a light in the world and bring this illumination to all the broken places seeing them as they are – HOLY. 

Like you. 

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