Another Love Letter

This is how my day began. A walk and a scramble over a gate with a surprise at the end!  I was almost over the last bar when I stopped and saw a message that I have never seen staring me in the eyes. Can you see it there?  You may need to enlarge the picture to see the words posted –


Who would do such a thing? Who would take time to leave us such a gift? I felt so hopeful. We have  been bombarded by messages and posts that are ugly and angry, and then, this love letter; sitting there for anyone to see and read.


Someone has sent us a message, a love letter!  A simple message with the intention to bless – that can be our goal today.  To bless. To receive blessings. And taking this message to heart, we bless the sender and the receiver.  Let’s send it to everyone we meet. Let’s deliver love letters today. Let’s only post kind words and thoughts. We are in such need of these messages. 


You are. Accepting this, may you accept it as well on behalf of those who feel less than beautiful and who are overwhelmed with thoughts that are unkind and ugly.  May you take this message to heart and then, may your heart bless each person you find in front of you, a mirror of your own beauty, waiting for your blessing.

May we remember this for all others, without exception.




6 thoughts on “Another Love Letter

  1. When we think the whole is against us one message can lighten the load. Bless the one that posted that love note for all without exception.
    Thank you for sharing Nellie.


  2. I love this, Nellie! Brings to mind some words from a David Whyte poem called Loaves and Fishes–“…people are hungry/and one good word is bread for a thousand.” Thanks for feeding me today.


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