This is the season of giving and for some, it can put a terrible pressure on the wallet. So, it is also a good time to rethink generosity and to find a way to give generously and joyfully.

I used to work at a public health clinic in Palm Beach County in the 80’s. It was a remarkable time and I learned so much. It was a rich time and I loved the clinic, the patients, and the staff.  Our physician was from Ecuador and one Christmas, I spent it with her and her family; now that was truly generous!

In her family, each person got one gift. That was all. And, the gifts were very simple. In fact, she gave me this little elephant incense burner which to this day, I treasure as a gesture of such kindness.  She was concerned that if her children grew up here in the US, they wouldn’t be so appreciative of the simple and of that one gift, but expect more. And, more. And, more.

So,  maybe it is true, that less can be more. True generosity of course, has nothing to do with the price of what we give but with the spirit in which we give! And, your spirit? your heart? They are huge, so don’t worry. You have much to give!

I wish for you all a simple Christmas; that with the exchange of gifts, you’ll value your own generous heart, as much as what you give. That you receive with an open heart. That you remember the presence in our lives of the people we love and even those who drive us nuts – that’s our family. Some are biological. Some are not. Some are rich and some are poor. Some we work with and some we pass on the street and in the shops and check out line. We come in all shapes and sizes but our nature, our most natural state?  It is Beauty and it is Love.


So give simply because you simply can. Don’t sweat it. Laugh out loud especially at yourself.

You are each a treasure.

May you find it there inside of you and may you see it in each other.


This is my Christmas wish.

That you know and treasure the peace that passes understanding and that is reborn in this Season of Light and Love.

The love you have sought? It is in you. You can give from that treasure house and never run out. It is unconditional and everlasting and indestructible.

Peace Dear Friends. Now and always.

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