In this moment, WE ARE ONE


In the middle of so much chaos, anger, terror and violence, there are still so many moments of joy and of healing.

Today, it was in a session with someone who was trying to make peace with changes that have affected her mentally and physically. In terms of aging or specific physical changes and diagnoses, it is easy to believe that you have lost a part of yourself, but in reality, how is this so?  Can Wholeness by its nature, become fractured and broken?  It took some time, sitting with grief, loss, and sadness, until we come to a clearing of the mind and a moment of stillness. We came to an awareness; not of what is lost, but of what remains.  The Essential Nature of All That Is.

21730887_703564306495972_5641391854317590569_nShe simply remembered, “In this moment I am Whole.”  


There were no other moments to consider. There was no past to regret nor was there a future to be anxious about; just this moment.

One instant in which a Light appeared to show her the next step. Around her was a vast space and a mind free of distraction.  



Her True Self.


Sitting with her, looking into her eyes, did I not remember along with her, that only in this moment are we all Holy?

This is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, part of the Jewish calendar and New Year. Tonight, many are gathering to eat and then fast, that they contemplate all that can be reconciled, forgiven, healed, and brought back to Wholeness.

I wish this for all of us. For those that seem to divide us and who are, in reality, challenging us to remember we are ONE.

For those we have harmed and for those who harmed us; may all be released that our anger, doubt, fear, and despair be returned to the Holy, to Wholeness, and to Healing our hearts.  

We are Indivisible only when we remember our Wholeness and our Holiness. Let us remember this together, this moment.   I offer this for the benefit of all beings, without exception. 



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