The Call to Serve


I don’t think you can help it, My Friend.

It is your deepest desire to help others and to be of service.

I don’t think you can help it, My Dearest One.

It is in your own best interest to consider the well-being of others.

I don’t think you can help it, My Sisters and Brothers.

You come from love and all that you do in the Name of Love, brings you peace and this peace can only extend universally and is always inclusive.

It is in your nature to love and loving is what is called for.

During the current crisis of storms, you were there reaching out, checking in on the well-beings of others, and you’ll continue to do so, for that is who you are as we continue to track the storm of fear.

In all your actions, begin with love. Even if that action calls for courage, standing up for what you know to be right, do it in love with the intention to serve others and for the benefit of all.

I send this with gratitude and with the awareness of the Divine within you that is you.

Peace. Always. And in all ways.

2 thoughts on “The Call to Serve

  1. Ah…this contemplation touches my heart, as did the sweet gestures of friends checking on friends here in North Florida before and after Irma’s arrival. Thank you, Nellie, for giving voice and words to what I, too, know is true! And thanks and love to all who held prayerful space during this storm. 💗


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