Come, Come, yet again, Come


Tonight c 8-25-17


Rumi’s poem is calling me. In these days when I can be overwhelmed by the news of disasters, suffering, political instability, and the challenges my friends, clients, and family face every day, I revisit the words  Rumi wrote:

Come, come, whoever you are,

wanderers, worshippers, lovers of leaving, 

it doesn’t really matter.

Ours is a caravan of endless Joy.

Even if you’ve broken your vows a thousand times,

Come, come, yet again, come.


That is the company I want to keep. The company of those who hold us in hearts filled with compassion. They have left the gravitational pull of this small planet and they soar heavenward. 

And, they call us to join them. From that place, the view is different and there is enough space for everyone. From this place, I have a context within which to hold this world and all its inhabitants and to have deep peace.

When I return to my life, I know what to do and which direction to turn to in order to then, integrate into my small life, the companionship of the Lovers of God, the sangha of those dedicated to compassion, loving-kindness, and service.

Let’s join for a few moments and sweep the heart out and invite Joy to come home as we return home in Joy and then, extend this to all beings, without exception.

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