Bring the world home

I know how things look. I know how desperate these times appear to be. I know how afraid and angry we can get. And, I know that despair and anger are inhospitable places to live.  Don’t pitch a tent and stay there! Don’t believe everything you think!

Think thoughts that are true. Think thoughts of compassion and love to yourself and others. There are many who have forgotten they are powerful. You have to remember for them. There are many who don’t have the luxury of taking a moment to read a blog or a post. Countless beings are overwhelmed by the weight of their pain and suffering and their belongings, trying to cross a border into what they hope is peace.

Cross that border in your mind. Bring your mind back to a thought of Who You Are.

Bring your mind to the Remembrance that I AM.



Don’t let the world overwhelm you with fear or dread. Instead, overwhelm the world with your compassion and your capacity to love all beings, without exception. Think of how powerful you are – bring the world home today. Bring yourself home. Be in love.

Now and always.

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