Open the Door

Hi Dear Friends – Hope this “parable” brings you joy and a reminder of peace.

I went to a church on Sunday that provides a lot of service to the poor, to immigrants, and the homeless. I like this church. It’s messy. There on the altar you might find the red and white robed choir rehearsing with an organist and director trained in prestigious schools in England, and .around the sanctuary, you find the disheveled, the dirty, the mumbling, and the tired. The homeless. The first time I walked in there, I cried and thought, “Jesus would love this.”

Sunday during the sermon about being a community that welcomes all people, including those who disagree with our views, a commotion broke out at the interior door to the sanctuary when a homeless woman started trying to pull her hand cart with her 2 big packages of possessions into the sanctuary yelling, “help me.” During a sermon on welcoming everyone, here comes the test!

I thought to myself, “That is what we’re asked to do. To love. And once the door opens, once Love opens your heart, we can’t decide who comes in!” AND IT IS MESSY! I joined a few others who went to help out as we could as someone was pulling a punch! I then, moved her cart toward the front door thinking, “She might own more stuff than me,” AND, “She has this really cool dolly/hand cart!”

So much for deep spiritual insight!

But, really -Life is messy! Relationships are messy, as is healthcare, and chemotherapy, and children, and banking, and politics, and oh my goodness – we could go on and on. AND we have a sanctuary. We have a community. We have teachers and teachings in all languages and in all nations and in all shapes and sizes; like us!

We have choices and we can still laugh and share our messy stories and support each other and in that, we find comfort and peace.

I wish this for you today.

Peace and comfort in this community and in your heart and wherever you go.Choir @ WNC (1)

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