This shack may not look like much to you, but it was a meeting place in my little village in India where I could sit with others, drink delicious and real chai and look out into the vast space of India.

I call this blog the Joyful Pilgrim and that is also the name I chose for the trip I am leading to South India in February, 2018. Today, I am beginning to prepare for that pilgrimage. The first step might be the decision to go for it!  It takes a lot of courage to step out of our comfort zone and any spiritual pilgrim knows that we are asked to go out on a limb many times as we turn inward to seek and find that deep peace that comes from returning home to the heart. And, there is throughout human history stories and travels of spiritual pilgrims around the globe!

Why India? I can’t say for anyone else but I felt called to India back in 2008. I had never thought I would want to go there for I thought it was so “foreign” and so far away. But, I answered the call. I have done that a lot in my life. Answered a call that seemed at the time to ask the impossible of me only to find that the miraculous instead came forth. India has deep roots in spirituality from so many traditions and  one of the things I remember most is this: everywhere I went, people tended to greet each other with some form of salutation to peace or to God in their own tradition.  With hands folded prayerfully at their hearts, they would wish you peace. How beautiful. Imagine greeting everyone with Namaskar: God be with you.

I am preparing now simply by this writing as if I am beginning to tack onto a new course. It’s interesting but as I wait for my passport to renew there is a need to make my decision to lead this tour more definitive as I study the great traditions and the sacred sites that we will be visiting in an area so rich with temples, history, and with the saints who lived there and who inspired many other seekers to find and to know God.

I am called to once again step out and live my life authentically and to answer this call, I am asked to answer with a definitive “Yes; I am willing.”  Just writing that, it begins.  

Pilgrimage challenges us to take our deep aspirations and our longing for spiritual fulfillment and to bring it into manifestation in our life.  It challenges us to take a stand and to say through this process “this is Who I Am.”  

I am a seeker. I am a pilgrim. I long to not only know peace, but to bring it into my life from day to day and from moment to moment. I am grateful for this call and I hope through this to bring peace to others. I love writing this and feel a peace that even now descends and rests in my heart.

May your day be filled with moments of peace and contentment.  

With Love. Nellie   http://www.bestconnectiontravel.com/joyfulpilgrimindia.html

8 thoughts on “Pilgrimage

  1. You Go, Soul Sister! How exciting and adventurous your are – truly devoted to following your Heart. You are an inspiration:)


  2. May your days be filled with moments of peace and contentment, and JOY! Because I always think of you wearing a smile Nellie


  3. I pray that you will enjoy a splendid pilgrimage, Nellie, trusting that each fellow traveler is now hearing the call. I am inspired by your words: “Yes; I am willing.” Just writing that, it begins. Namaskar!


  4. Nellie—just a thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and words. Your love reminds, nurtures, and strengthens that which is within, and I am grateful.
    Many blessings as this journey brings you to the next, and continues to broaden my path.


    1. Karen, Thank you. I really appreciate knowing that this blog might help us remember peace and compassion when it is so easy to be distracted by the things that are fearful. I send this with much gratitude to you and love always.


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