Rest Assured

What a phrase; rest assured. One can really only rest when there is an assurance of safety, of trust and of comfort. If I think of these 2 words together, I feel a softening and a releasing in the muscles and in the body; stress giving way through a deep breath, to Remembrance.

Listen, Friends, “Rest Assured.” Everything will come round right in the end for the end shall be, just like the beginning. Everything will end in love, compassion and in peace.

We have to remember for those who have forgotten and this is my reminder.

May you rest assured that despite the images to the contrary; despite the angry words being hurled at each other; despite the violence of the few against many; there is always reason to hope.  It is the sigh that helps you turn away from the distractions around you and that helps you return to the space within you. Hope is just a glimmer of light at the end of a long, dark night.  Focus for a moment on the Light.

Rest assured. Very little light can transform a space of despair. Very little light can lead one back to the path. Very little light can make the difference from darkness to dawn.

Maybe you are that little light to someone. Maybe you are a beacon of hope to others. Maybe if you choose to remember, you are a channel of peace. Maybe this is your moment to stand up and to say, “I remember Love.”

Rest assured. You are greater than you believe yourself to be and you are the hope of the world the moment you remember who you are. Who You really Are!

In the meantime, rest assured. I will remember for you.

with love always, and in all ways, Nellie







4 thoughts on “Rest Assured

  1. A timely message for me because I don’t know who/what I want to be but I do know that I’m not happy with who it feels like I am


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