Don’t be afraid. I have sent you the Comforter. In the midst of this violence and the attacks that so frighten you is the opportunity to commit yourself to peace, forgiveness and reconciliation. In order to do so, you must become still. You must become quiet. Tears may fall; allow them to do so. It is your compassion that pierces your heart. Love is called upon in these times when power appears to be limited to force. There is no force greater than Love. You must remember this. You are not forsaken. How could you be? But many may have forgotten and they may be frightened and they may resort to actions that arise from anger and fear. Find your breath and follow it for I am the Breath of Life which even now, is instilling in you the inspiration to go out into the world as a Witness to Love.

This is a great call that goes out to all beings, without exception, but many are too frightened to hear this call and too angry to listen, for one must become still. One must become quiet.

Into this room does the Spirit descend which shall awaken in you a great strength which arises from Great Compassion; trust this. Trust me. Your strength lies in your capacity to love. Feel this Presence with you now, comforting you. When you are quieted, go and comfort the others.  You are called to be in the world as a witness to love. This is the greatest call. It comes to all beings without, exception. Even if others are not ready for this call to love, you are.

As am I.  As I am.


2 thoughts on “Pentecost

  1. Beautiful – I yearn to be in that stillness, that peace. I sit and breathe. My mind is distracted…many disjointed thoughts…sleep. I have accepted the challenge to practice as long as it takes to be truly still…I will sit again.


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