The miraculous is a moment of light that penetrates the darkness of despair and fear. Not bound by statistics or probabilities, it is a lifting of the weight one carries from habitual thoughts of guilt and unworthiness.  The miraculous is also a natural impulse for it is the impulse of Love and that is your true nature.

This can be your moment; the return to the Self. Do not be afraid nor give in to anger, fear, hatred or self-doubt but persevere on this path home.

You have no idea of how powerful your thoughts are and when these thoughts are surrendered to love and to kindness, you become a peacemaker and you become the channel for the miraculous.  You can be a channel of peace.

A miracle is an instant when one is lifted out of the terrible weight of fear and one is weightless, light, and filled with Joy. When this occurs, that individual brings this lightness to others.

You are needed in the world as a bearer of light and as a reminder of the reality of the miraculous. Let this be your purpose once again that through all your actions and thoughts you bring peace, kindness and love to others. Let them see in you the hope they long for and seek.

May this be your moment and an instant of the miraculous.

May you know that you are beautiful and a light to the world.

May you find in your own self, this instant, the miraculous state of deep contentment.

May you be happy and may you remember love, and may you remember this for all beings, without exception.



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