Joyful Pilgrim

DSCN1180I have not always been a Joyful Pilgrim, but I have been on a pilgrimage for many years and perhaps, eons; at least it feels that way!  I have set out to find the Heart of Hearts, and to find the peace that passes understanding.  At the risk of losing everything else, I sought only the Truth and thus began this journey to love.

And, it has, indeed, led to Joy, the happiness free from sorrow.  Joy appears as the True Nature of the mind – of all of our minds.

This blog is for all of us; a community of seekers and peacemakers, of lovers and the beloved, and of all humanity. This blog is for those of us who seek unity with all beings, without exception. For those of us who wish to dance and live in Joy.

I write this to encourage you, as well as to remind myself, that the search for love is the great path of the Soul.  Don’t give up on it. Don’t give up on peace. Don’t give up on love and forgiveness. It doesn’t matter our language or the directions we pray to or the rituals that are specific to our traditions. What matters is our dedication to a Universal Love and Truth that like a Compassionate Mother holds all of us in Her Arms.  All of us as One.

This is our blog and our journey and our destiny; to find union in one another and in these times when there appears to be so much that might separate us – to find a universal language of Love.

This then is my small offering.

May we each dedicate ourselves to Love.

May we each dedicate ourselves to happiness, free from sorrow.

May we each be well and share this well-being with others.

May we each commit ourselves moment to moment and day to day to peace and to love and to compassion and to forgiveness.

May our commitment and our dedication extend out into the world from our hearts and heal not only ourselves but be offered for the benefit of others; all others, without exception,

Thank you who read and support this blog and to all the teachers of all times and in all directions who have left their footprints in our hearts to follow the path to Love.


and in all ways,


10 thoughts on “Joyful Pilgrim

  1. Thank you Nellie for this. You remain my Mentor. I believe in the middle way and believe in peace and love for all. But, here is my but, I need help because I cannot let go of what is happening to our beloved democracy.

    I will read all your blogs with joy and thank you again for writing them and for your ministry.



  2. So thrilled to read your first blog. It is no small thing. May it bring many together in the commitment to love and peace.


  3. Dear Nellie. I was so happy to see you have a blog and I could connect to you in print as well as in our hearts. I remember your beautiful peace and the heart of love that would sing till the tears flowed from your eyes.

    I myself seek that peace and love and find it in so many incredible places. Please let me know where you speak or meditate. What a joy it would be to see you again.




    1. Thank you. Had a couple of not so peaceful moments in my thoughts today related to politics. But need to remember it doesn’t matter what circumstances or issues arise. Every moment is an opportunity to choose peace.


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